What we do

B-Blue project work is divided in 6 working packages:

WP1 Management (lead by ENEA)
This WP is dedicated to the project management in order to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

WP2 Communication (led by NIB)
WP2 aims to identify project stakeholders to be addressed during the implementation of the project, create Communication plan, including communication tools, measures and channels, as well to coordinate B-Blue internal and external communication with the main aim to increase the visibility of the project.

Main goal of WP2 is to reach roughly 100.000 people by mass media and coordinating with Interreg-Med channels, as well to inform by sharp/tailored messages roughly 500 organizations of selected target groups (including Med Southern Shore countries).

WP3 Studying (led by CNR)
WP3 aims to create a project knowledge package in the Med BBt sector to be used to exchange knowledge among the project partners and between the B-Blue project and the entire BBt community.

Through this WP, project defines the best practices of already implemented, ready to the market and pilot actions of innovative solutions in the BBt sector. Additionally this WP creates and develops common ground, toolkits for BBt sector growth, building and empowerment of its community, as well promotes the transfer of the acquired knowledge to be exploited in other WPs.

WP4 Testing (led by PMM-TVT)
WP4 aims to create a network of Med territorial innovation communities in the BBt sector (Blue Biotechnologies Hubs - BBH), as well design and implement pilot cases in five territories involving local actors to support the development of knowledge. Additionally, WP4 aims to share the experience of the BBHs in order to create the conditions to replicate the initiative in other value chains and/or in other Med countries including the ones of the Southern Shore. Moreover, in the framework of this WP will be discussed the solutions for the outliving of the HUBs after the end of B-Blue project and their organization in a Med network.

WP5 Transferring (led by HAMAG BICRO)
WP5 aims at transferring the knowledge collected and developed in the WP3 and WP4 activities to a selected group of key stakeholders (over 150 organizations) of the BBt sector to create connection at territorial and Med level in the BBt community. Moreover, innovation capacity on horizontal knowledge of the BBt sector and on vertical issues of specific value chains will be improved.

Innovation knowledge will be transferred by 2 big transnational knowledge transfer workshops, 3 national/regional boot camps on horizontal innovation knowledge and 8 national/regional seminars on vertical knowledge on specific value chains. Finally, digital knowledge package (e-learning material from WP3) and an information and communication technology matchmaking tool will be activated.

WP 6 Capitalizing (led by ENEA)
The WP6 aims at capitalizing the innovation knowledge developed during WP3 and WP4 activities and the BBt community relationships fostered through WP2 and WP5 activities in a transnational coordination mechanism of the BBt community. Moreover, innovation knowledge developed during the implementation of the B-Blue project will be used in drafting:

  • the strategy for outlive and growth of the BBt digital community;
  • an action plan for the establishment and growth of a Med BBt Network;
  • the transnational project proposal draft to support the alignment of financing initiative at macro-regional level in the BBt sector on Circular Economy and Blue Economy. 

expected results

  1. Action plan for implementation at territorial level of a joint transnational cooperative framework to develop coordinated actions on BBt value chains;
  2. Policy paper with recommendations to improve coordination among EU Cohesion Programs and Med Policy Schemes for Innovation in the BBt sector;
  3. Action plan for BBt innovation community Cooperation mechanism formalization in view of the Med Alliance.