There is typically a gap between having and developing an idea and making business out of it. This video aims to fill in the gap and raise awareness on the fact that not every idea will result in a business. We explain why and what does it take to succeed: a team, market research, data collection, business model development, search for network and funding, as well as the importance for personal committment and motivation. These pointers are very important also in the emerging fields such as marine biotechnology, where this video helps researchers and innovators to bridge the gap between a good idea for development of products and processes into commercialization phase.

The B-Blue matchmaking tool

This matchmaking tool and the blue biotechnology digital platform are aimed at creating the missing common ground of knowledge in the sector and fostering the lacking connection among different stakeholders (research, investors, business support organisations, finance etc.) to create advanced community of practice in the blue biotechnology sector as well as new business opportunity and new blue jobs. 


The use of marine resources for various industries

70% of our planet is covered with water, such as the Mediterranean Sea. These waters host fascinating organisms that are adapted to strive in the harsh and changing marine environmental conditions. Check it out!

Bioplastics from marine biomass

The marine environment can be a source for economic prosperity. Sometimes, the marine resources are right there in front of us! Marine biomass can be used for food, feed, health and, yes, for bioplastics production! Check our cartoon to see how!

Ocean's organisms - essential for the environment and an opportunity for humankind

The ocean is home to some fascinating organisms that are crucial for the environment. On the other hand, when these organisms are studied, harvested and sustainably employed, they represent a unique opportunity for many industries, such as food or health one. A fascinating group of such organisms are microalgae.

A short introductory video brought to you by Interreg Med Programme - B-Blue project with support from the COST Action Ocean4Biotech.

Why is marine microalgae important?

A short intro explaining the importance of marine microalgae for the planet as well as their potential for biotechnology valorization. Made in the framework of B-Blue Interreg Med project ( and Ocean4Biotech COST Action (