Why & How

Blue biotechnology sector (BBt) in the Mediterranean region is not used in its full capacity. There are many national and regional reasons behind this, like fragmentation of the national approaches, legislation and support to the development of the BBt or lack of harmonized coordination of the BBt sector in the Mediterranean region.  

The B-Blue project specifically addresses the BBt sector identified as priority sector by Panoramed project coherently with the governance priorities of the Axis 4 and with the Axis 1 on Innovation of the Interreg-Med programme. B-Blue project develops multilateral coordination frameworks among the Med BBt actors to reduce their fragmentation thus improving their innovation potential and their capacity to catch business opportunities through joint initiatives in the wider context of the Blue Economy

The project tackles the umbrella challenge of increasing interest of society for marine related issues and consumers awareness/acceptance of novel blue bioproducts through the Awareness workshop and the inclusive quintuple-helix approach of the BBt HUBs developed at territorial level. Moreover, the multi-actor and collaborative context of the BBt HUBs deals with vertical actions on specific value chains involving different stakeholders tackling the challenge of unlocking the potential for cross-sectorial initiatives. More in general transferring workshops, the matchmaking tool and the BBt digital platform are aimed at creating the missing common ground of knowledge in the sector and fostering the lacking connection among different stakeholders (research, industry, finance) to create new business opportunity and new blue jobs.

The overall project objective is the aggregation and coordination of the Med BBt sector`s organizations and stakeholders in a transnational and multi-actor community built on the quintuple-helix approach in order to unlock the innovation potential in the field through joint transnational initiatives, involving also stakeholders from the Southern Shore of the Mediterranean.

B-Blue main objectives are:

  • to gather the BBt innovation community.
  • to develop a multilateral coordination framework supporting the capacity building and the innovation transfer in the BBt sector.
  • to facilitate design and implementation in the Med area of joint and integrated plans, initiatives, programs and policies boosting the Med BBt sector.

The ultimate goal of B-Blue project is to define, design and implement a structured framework which eases the established BBt community to not just catch new business opportunities or multilateral initiatives in terms of coordinated financing requests, but also to orient policy and financing programs to align national/regional initiatives at Med level in the BBt sector.