The Med Innovation Alliance for the Sustainable Blue Bioeconomy on air!

The Blue Horizon radio programme interviewed in Bari, during the 2 days event organized in Apulia Region by the B-Blue project, some of the Italian protagonists of Med Innovation Alliance for Sustainable Blue Bioeconomy, promoted by the B-Blue and Blue Bio Med.

In this episode you will learn about a Mediterranean alliance focused on Blue Bioeconomy in collaboration with B-Blue, project managed by ENEA and co-financed by the Interreg MED Programme.

Interviews were taken during the 2 days event organized in Bari by the B-Blue project partners.

1. Alessandro Daraio (ART-ER) described the mission of the alliance in sectors such as aquaculture, biotechnologies and fisheries.
2. Valeria Patruno (ARTI Puglia) spoked about the role of regional instituions in the Mediterranean Blue Economy.
3. Cristian Chiavetta (ENEA), Cimino Roberto (Cluster BIG) and Grazia Quero (CNR-Irbim) explained the challenges of blue biotechnologies in the Mediterranean and how the alliance could act to solve them.
4. Eleonora Fantozzi (BUSINESSMED) presented the cluster based in Tunisi.
5. Michela Cariglia (Gargano Shell Fish Farm) told how they recycled waste, such as shells and fish skin, and what are the law obstacles related to circular economy.
6. Jacopo Naidi (Open Marketplace) explained how and why connecting best startups with companies that need innovations.

Full radio podcast can be found here