The B-Blue Matchmaking video tutorial

Croatian B-Blue partner HAMAG-BICRO created the video tutorial for the Matchmaking tool.

B-Blue project is aimed to define, design and implement a structured framework which eases the established blue biotechnology community to not just catch new business opportunities or multilateral initiatives in terms of coordinated financing requests, but also to orient policy and financing programs to align national/regional initiatives at Mediterranean level in blue biotechnology sector.

One of the goals of the project is to foster the networking and connecting of the blue biotechnology community in order to help strengthen its stakeholders for collective efforts to promote their products or services across the EU market or wider.

This matchmaking tool and the blue biotechnology digital platform are aimed at creating the missing common ground of knowledge in the sector and fostering the lacking connection among different stakeholders (research, investors, business support organisations, finance etc.) to create advanced community of practice in the blue biotechnology sector as well as new business opportunity and new blue jobs.

You can find the link to the video tutorial here and in the file below.