Join the first ever hackathon about Marine Biotechnology!

COST Action CA18238 Ocean4Biotech invites you to participate in the first ever hackathon about Marine Biotechnology.

What is the Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem (MBIE) Co-Creation Challenge and for whom?

Marine Biotechnology is a science still in its infancy, but it holds a huge research and innovation potential as we discover and learn more about marine organisms. Products and applications are highly diverse, spanning food production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and wider medical applications. The success of future growth relies on scientific knowledge covering marine life and wider sciences. At the same time, acting responsibly and protecting the ocean and its marine environments is necessary and part of the United Nations Sustainable Goal 14 “life below water”. That is why we need you and your ideas and knowledge to help us define the ingredients of such a Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem.

Ocean4Biotech invites you to join our 48-hour Co-Creation Hackathon Challenge for contributing your knowledge and innovative ideas to identify the ingredients needed for a European Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem of Excellence!

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