B-Blue in Integrated advanced training course on Blue Biotechnologies, Aquatic products and Blue Bio-economy

B-Blue partners from Italy (ENEA and CNR), Slovenia (NIB) and France (PMM) attended integrated advanced training course.

Representatives from four B-Blue partners took part as a presenters in the integrated advanced training course on Blue Biotechnologies, Aquatic products and Blue Bio-economy.

Cristian Chiavetta and Ana Rotter participated in the roundtable: “Opportunities beyond research: the role of coordination actions”. Roundtable discussion was focused on the coordination mechanism to be established in the framework of B-Blue project in order to unlock the innovation potential of the Blue Biotechnologies sector in the Mediterranean area.

Ana Rotter had a lesson “LivingLab Game on BlueBiotech COMM strategies”. Ana Rotter presented the importance of science communication in these days scientific world and shared her first hands experience on how to develop scientific communication skills. Training included interactive part in which trainees were asked to complete short exercise.

Colin Ruel prepared presentation “Pôle Mer Méditerranée maritime cluster: Support for science and industry collaboration". Colin Ruel shared his experience about innovation cluster PMM and its action to support the collaborative projects in the field of Blue Biotechnologies.

Gian Marco Luna had a lesson titled “Microbiome in the aquaculture setting". Gian Marco Luna spoke about fishing aquaculture and its impact to the environment.  Moreover, some outcomes of the H2020 project Circles was presented, including promising examples of applications of gut microbiome manipulation to aquaculture.