Workshop on Blue Biotechnologies in Italy

The B-Blue Project: biotechnologies from the Sea Innovation for sustainable blue growth.


B-Blue partners from Italy CNR and ENEA invite stakeholders interested in the world of Blue Biotechnologies (BBt) to participate in the Awareness Workshop on BBt.

The event is part of the activities foreseen by the B-Blue project to promote the building of a BBt community in Italy, and aims at:

- increasing the interest of society for blue biotechnological products and processes,

- showing the potential of BBt in supporting innovation,

- showing the potential of BBt in contributing to Sustainable Development Goals,

- presenting initiatives and organizations active in or supporting the world of BBt.

Please note that the Awareness Workshop working language is Italian.

Agenda of the Awareness Workshop can be found below.

Registration form can be found here (registration is closed).


The event will be broadcasted on the Facebook Page of the Blue Planet Economy Initiative: